oipl's end goal is to create a system for BSCScan Token owners - to get Verified their Token and also get Token S.H.I.E.L.D so they can be listed on OIPL Marketcap, this will definitely revolutionize blockchain industry worldwide! By our ludicrous showcasing system and point by point guide, we accept this will accomplished in a brief time frame!

oipl™ will protect token in law, for getting patents, copyright and trademarks, which enable token owners to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create.

We are the very first leading Token Identifier on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with blockchain of IP.

oipl™ is coming up with a new idea to generate ICOs for Intellectual Property Services. It is an ecosystem for the Coin & Tokens and Intellectual Property organizations in order to verify BSCscan Tokens by using the blockchain technology.

Who we are

OIPL secures and governs the Oipl™ Hub, the first blockchain in the Oipl™ Network.

Whether you’re a developer, token holder, or new to it all, there’s a place for everyone in Oipl™.

OIPL is secured in law for, instance, licenses, copyright and brand names, which empower individuals to procure acknowledgment or monetary advantage from what they concoct or make. By finding some kind of harmony between the interests of pioneers and the more extensive public interest, the Oipl framework expects to cultivate a climate wherein imagination and advancement can thrive.

Oipl™: A Brief History

  • Oipl™ Founded by Darshan Tiwari, an entrepreneur, marketer, and blockchain consultant.
    His multi-faceted background ranges from guiding, recruiting and building start-up companies to consulting and managing clients.
  • His strategic marketing solutions and creative approach are out of the Box and unique idea’s drives growth and converts complex challenges into actionable to greater ROI & profitability.


  • Darshan Tiwari’s multi-faceted background ranges from guiding, recruiting and building start-up companies to consulting and managing clients.
  • Oipl™ mission is to increase our client’s presence into Internet World by having the right mix of expertise to make anything possible.


  • Rohit Modi joined forces with Priyanka Modi to develop Oipl Platform 
  • Oipl™ and Nutsms collaborated to implement the Cloud Server on top of Cloud Communication (Ver 1.0)
  • Oipl™ Platform is pluggable with applications written in any language via the Application Platform Interface (API)


  • Through The Oipl™ Foundation, Oipl™ and our employees can volunteer, give to charity, and support the causes we believe.
  • We work with non-profits to assist our employees volunteer within our local communities round the world.
  • We give our employees paid volunteering days, and sometimes encourage them to support their favorite causes by matching their donations.


  • The Users raises $1M for the funding of the Oipl™ Cloud Network.
  • Application developers begin evaluating Oipl™ as the platform to build their cloud-based applications
  • Early prototype of the Oipl™ Platform launched


  • We started care about our customers, our employees, and therefore the world around us. We would like our people to be welcoming, imaginative and proactive. We believe diversity and inclusion, and that we hire that way.
  • We started believe putting the customer first and that we believe giving back to the communities around us.


  • Change is an essential part of the Oipl™ DNA. Our original business brought Cloud Communication to families and small businesses.
  • Made communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help cloud enterprises the world over stay ahead.
  • We’ve brought leaders in combine communications, contact centers, and cloud APIs all under one roof.


  • Our team started working and believes in economic decentralization. However, the most common scenario tends to be that a many number of addresses holds not able to hold their tokens safely.
  • With Oipl™ we want to stand up against this kind of issue and use our in-house mechanisms to work towards this goal.
  • Be a part of a passionate team & community that wants to change the world using blockchain technology and decentralization


  • Darshan Tiwari was the first person who applied Own Intellectual Property Lenders (OIPL) research in a “Proof of Stake” (PoS) public blockchain context, and went on to found Oipl™
  • Oipl™ IP blocking is the most advanced implementation of IP consensus algorithm  to date.
  • Project launched to address the genuinity,  originality and verified issues associated with BSCscan Token “Proof of Work” (PoW)
  • Our goal is to spread $Oipl™ philosophy by gaining trustworthy holders through the fair distribution of the token.