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Get S.H.I.E.L.D. and Verification for – Utility Tokens, Security/Equity Tokens, Reward Tokens, Asset Tokens, Currency Tokens etc

The value of an idea lies in the using of it – Thomas Edison


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OIPL™ will protect tokens in law, for getting patents, copyright, and trademarks, which enable token owners to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create.


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Whether you’re a developer, token holder, or new to it all, there’s a place for everyone in OIPL™.


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Strategy of Oipl™

We are the very first leading Token Identifier on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with blockchain of IP.

Copyright token is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their Tokens Purpose. Purpose S.H.I.E.L.D. by copyright range from Utility Tokens, Security/Equity Tokens, Reward Tokens, Asset Tokens, Currency Tokens etc.

A patent token is an exclusive right granted for an token invention. Generally, a patent token provides the patent owner with the proper to make a decision how – or whether – the token invention are often employed by others. In exchange for this right, the patent token owner makes technical information about the token invention publicly available in the published patent token document.

A trademark token may be a sign capable of distinguishing the hash or blocks of 1 token owner from those of other tokens. Trademarks long back to ancient times when artisans used to put their signature or “mark” on their products.

Token secrets are IP rights on tip which can be sold or licensed. The unapproved securing, use or revelation of such restricted data during a way in opposition to legitimate business rehearses by others is viewed as an out of line practice and an infringement of the symbolic mystery assurance.

Verified token by OIPL™

OIPL is secured in law for, instance, licenses, copyright and brand names, which empower individuals to procure acknowledgment or monetary advantage from what they concoct or make. By finding some kind of harmony between the interests of pioneers and the more extensive public interest, the OIPL framework expects to cultivate a climate wherein imagination and advancement can thrive.

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Oipl is a state of the IP blockchain framework that powers the Oipl™ Community on proof-of-stake consensus and is made on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Oipl™ Smart Contract is based on the BEP-20 algorithm. Oipl™ LP is held at Pancakeswap, where you can trade our tokens.



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What's our goal?

Our goal is to spread Oipl™ philosophy by gaining trustworthy holders through the fair distribution of the token and aims to become the most decentralized BSC token.

Decentralized IP Applications

Token can become a patent, trademark, copyrighted token which will allow exchanges and marketplaces to track, verify, that allow anyone around the world to buy, trade, invest, and lend.

A Global Token Community

Learn more about Oiplr™ IP Token, chat with the team, others in the community, and have your say in shaping the future of the Oipl™ IP protocol.

We Focus On

Innovative Purpose Tokens, it may seem to be an imprudent use of intellectual property assets. Ownership of IP Tokens rights is therefore a prerequisite for any owner that innovates or wants to innovate openly.




Verified Tick

OIPL™ Concerns


These tokens are designed to be used for a specific purpose, usually within the application/platform that they’re developed. the foremost common use of a utility token is as a payment option for purchases within the platform. for instance , OIPL tokens are regularly utilized for installment of property administrations inside the Oipl™ stage.

Utility tokens are released by a corporation to supply their users with a mechanism to buy a replacement company product or service, which has most likely been developed on the blockchain technology. it’s usually beneficial to shop for utility tokens during the ICO sale since the tokens during the ICO are offered at a significantly lower cost than the market rate.

Security tokens add an equivalent manner as traditional securities. Also called equity tokens, these act as a stock or share of the corporate , which is given to the customer once the initial coin offering ends. By purchasing security tokens of a company/project, you get certain rights along side sharing within the company stocks. Security tokens are different from utility tokens therein they’re limited by specific federal laws and rules of stock trading. Equity tokens, by nature, also can be accessed outside of the platform on which they’re developed. the worth of security tokens may rise or fall consistent with the project’s performance, almost like stocks, which isn’t the case with utility tokens.
These are unique tokens that are intended to go about as a standing token for a chose blockchain application. These are given in rewards, usually for free of charge , to someone as appreciation. an ideal example is Point Rewards (PR) which are given to the services providers on the platform supported their performance reviews. A gift token doesn’t necessarily have a true value same as a typical token.
Tokens that are backed by a true asset, like gold, land or bonds, are called asset tokens. These tokens represent the worth of real assets and may be used for buying/selling the assets that they back. This improves the exchanging of actual resources on advanced stages.
A currency token acts an equivalent way as a true currency and is employed for an equivalent purpose, for payment of purchases. A classic example is Bitcoin, which may be a sort of digital currency which will be used for purchasing and selling things with online/offline merchants who accept these coins. Currency tokens also can be traded for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and may be sent to other users through a digital wallet.

Possible approaches: collaboration vs. competition

Our World Is Changing. Together, We Can Change It For The Better.

Joining a collaborative community

In this case, property protections are limited and therefore the object is more focused on developing knowledge through sharing. Many IT companies or consortia of universities join together in collaborative groups to develop skills and knowledge with a view to pursuing a standard research goal.

Joining a competitive market

In this case, IP protections are robust and there’s hardly any exchange of data. The ultimate goal is profit maximization. In contrast to the shared methodology, connections convert into selectiveness arrangements, innovation deals and authorizing.


OIPL™ brings a new IP standard in token generation technology – open and inclusive – to challenge the old and activate a new age of verified token, globally-distributed innovation.


Understand The Purpose: To understand the purpose of the ICO, you need to read the white paper deeply.

But, with the irrelevant base, the idea cannot be fruitful and become successful. So, choosing the ICO with a replacement idea for the real requirement has relevancy for fulfillment.

The convention is that the climax of indefatigable exertion, expanding on fundamental exploration, and is impelled by a dream for more secure and straightforward worldwide installment frameworks, and an approach to rearrange, all the more reasonably, force and control.


The most common issue presently

ICOs are uncontrolled that permits a simple thanks to scammers also . The investors who blindly trust those ICOs and invest the cash for quick gain, get fooled at the top when scammers flew away with the cash . Any ICO with the matter in examining the pitch features a sign of clear suspicion.

An exit scam may be a fraudulent operation organized by unethical cryptocurrency promoters who collected funds for an ICO and suddenly disappear without leaving any information to investors.


Unparalleled Security of Tokens - Coins

Digital currency always creates transparency and may be used for exchange medium. The tokens just have similarities with a share during a company which is understood as an initial public offering (IPO) and that they provide security. The token is additionally generated on utility basis like a subscription to an app, company’s service and play a game. Similarly, a token are often for a digital reputation of a physical asset and giving status during a community as a gift .


Initial Coin Offerings

When you are getting to purchase an ICO, you concentrate to certain things like first, you check the web site quality of the ICO and white book . These deep research develop the gut feeling about the project success.

If there’s no information about the team, it’s certainly something to note . If the detail is out there , you only search name, job profile, job titles of the members to verify their identities. Photos also are important in revealing truth identity of the members.


ICO's Country Acceptance

ICOs are banned in many countries like South Korea , China, and Russia. it’s also speculated that the ICOs are often regulated by many government, if not all, within the near future. Although, it’s issued a warning to consumers about fraud and lack of protection under the laws.

Guide on ICO Scams and How to Identify Them

Don't Lose Money

We will overcome with below Scams

To avoid ICO scams, undergo the project’s whitepaper because it will help in gaining deeper insight about everything. Whitepaper lays out the background, goals, strategy, concerns, financial models, SWOT analysis, and therefore the timeline for implementation for any blockchain-related project; thus, companies that don’t provide whitepapers should be avoided in the least costs.

We have changed science. we’ve changed what it means to create verified S.H.I.E.L.D. token on global systems and sustainable models of exchange and governance.

We, alongside our community and partners, are defining a new IP future : a decentralized future minimizing scams, in which everything will be crystal cleared for every token.


A decentralized team works across three independent entities to ensure that Oipl™ stays true to its purpose as we advance and evolve.

The OIPL in a timeline

The evolution of the Oipl™

IP blockchain with the certainty, safety, reliability and dependability

Mass market utilizes the decentralization and security feature for smart contracts

OIPL Verifier

Verify, Substantiate, Confirm and Prove Existence of  (smart contracts)


The most powerful smart contract S.H.I.E.L.D. ever created

Darshan Tiwari

Founder & CEO

S.H.I.E.L.D. Machines

Verify and Copyright (smart contracts)



The industry's most distinguished team of distributed computing engineers, cryptographers and operational experts

IP Work from research centers in Asia, Africa, and US or as part of remote teams


Want to see the world S.H.I.E.L.D. on the open internet? Join us.


We fund those tokens who purpose is exceptionally unique and future booms

Meet the S.H.I.E.L.D. worldwide community.

Join a fast-growing community of
developers and innovators connected everywhere the planet , building the new era of the web.

Community Chat

Pose general inquiries and visit with the overall local area on Telegram.


Follow @oiplexchange to get the most recent news and updates from across the biological system.

Developer Chat

Have technical questions about Oipl™ tools? Ask a developer on the Community Discord.

Oipl™ Forum

Thinking about becoming a validator or curious about network matters? Join the discussion.

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Buy OIPL Token

OIPL is only traded on our partner exchanges listed here. If you see the OIPL token listed on other exchanges, this is likely fraud and should be reported to the OIPL Team immediately. Always check the contract address to ensure you are trading the OIPL token. Exchanging on trades is done at the sole duty and hazard of the client.

Common Questions

Oipl’s end goal is to create a system for BSCScan Token owners - to get Verified their Token and also get Token S.H.I.E.L.D so they can be listed on OIPL Marketcap, this will definitely revolutionize blockchain industry worldwide! By our ludicrous showcasing system and point by point guide, we accept this will accomplished in a brief time frame!

Oipl™ (OIPL) is based on the Binance blockchain and is a BEP-20 utility token. It will be utilized for token/coin proprietor check to list their token with a confirmed identification, and to take part in our cloud mining local area once fabricated.

The organizer is Darshan Tiwari, Co-authors are Priyanka, Amit, Rohit and Rajveer.
Professional experience -
Blockchain, Binance, BSC, Ethereum
Machine Learning, Mobile, Web, Standalone, dApps
Microservices, IoT
Highload systems, Complex structured systems
Databases, AR/VR, Hardware

You have to use a cryptocurrency wallet that supports adding tokens/coins by their smart contract address. We recommend Metamusk or Trust Wallet. Then you'll see the way to add a replacement coin/token using this link. Then use our smart contract address.


Currently our total supply is 888Million OIPL with a 2% Transaction fee, 2% Automatic liquidity rate and 2% Redistribution rate.

Having been based on the Binance Smart Chain, Oipl™ must be purchased with BNB. Please, make sure you are purchasing from the BSC Mainnet. Keep refreshed on the OIPL message visit where we will disclose how to purchase OIPL on PancakeSwap!

Yes Liquidity is locked forever.

CA: 0x463dBCf5B986755CD44a8D91868Bf033C3a20659

Very shortly. We will apply on the upcoming day of June-July 2021, and that we skills to urge there in 3-7 days.

The TrustWallet logo will be delivered soon. TrustWallet pulls its value information from significant posting locales. After listing on CoinMarketCap and/or CoinGecko, TrustWallet will reflect the right price. With that said, TrustWallet isn't always 100% accurate.

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How to Buy OIPL

OIPL is only traded on our partner exchanges listed here. If you see the OIPL token listed on other exchanges, this is likely fraud and should be reported to the OIPL Team immediately. Always check the contract address to ensure you are trading the OIPL token. Exchanging on trades is done at the sole duty and hazard of the client.